Ticker: AHOLY

  • Pledge: 500 ADA
  • Margin: 3%
  • Pool – ID:
  • 100% green energy, from website host to power supply for the pool
  • Server Specs:
    • Intel NUC Kit
    • Processor: Core i5 Family
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4
    • Storage: 500 GB NVMe SSD (upgradable to 2 TB)
  • Reduced pledge + support of F2LB
    I delegate a stake of 10.000 ADA to the F2LB alliance, which supports the small stake pool operators like me. Thanks to this alliance I am guaranteed 3 epochs of 2 million stake. Coming soon. A small side effect is, I had to reduce my pledge to participate in this initiative.
  • Pledge increased to 5000 ADA
    We are here to stay and stake together with you.
  • Additional rewards for delegates
    First time published on reddit.
  • Main memory upgrade
    A short maintenance was applied to upgrade the server to 32 GB of RAM. At the moment of writing the pool main memory peaked maximum at 4 GB RAM.

About this pool

ADAholycs is a homebrewed Cardano pool with environmentally friendly and reliable hardware.

I am Johann, physicists from Germany operating this block-producing Cardano Stakepool. We have collected a lot of experience in developing successful, mathematically well established projects in science. Likewise we will make this project as reliable as possible with our passion for Cardano.

The pool itself is 100% automated and 24/7 online. All vulnerable keys and files are stored in a cold air-gapped environment.


With Cardano the staking process is called delegation, because you keep all your ADA in your wallet and you may spend it at any time.

By staking to the pool [AHOLY] you directly support the decentralization. In return your benefit is a sustainable and reliable blockchain for the years to come.

Margin and Rewards

The more ADA are delegated to our pool the more frequently our pool will validate/produce blocks. Each block is worth ~700 ADA rewards (depends on the protocol parameters). We take the minimum amount of 340 ADA plus a margin of 3 % of the remaining ~360 ADA from the rewards. The rest is distributed among all delegate/stake holders. These are absolute numbers.

In relative numbers: if you stake/delegate 100 000 ADA to our pool then you earn an ROS of 4 % (4000 ADA) a year, we will get 3 % margin of that (120 ADA).


  • This pool supports F2LB with 10.000 ADA
  • Passive node on a data center to run as a block producing node in the event of any kind of catastrophe
  • Gradual increase of pledge